S-Innovations is a private hi-tech company, one of the world leaders in technology of high temperature superconductors (HTS).

We develop and produce 2G HTS wire for different applications: fault current limiters, cables, motors, generators, energy storage, high field magnets, etc.

2G HTS wire is the most technically advanced superconducting material today. In addition to zero electrical resistance and ultra-high current density, it has mechanical strength of steel and very low level of AC losses.

The market share of 2G HTS wire steadily increases with new pilot projects being proven efficient all over the world. Due to its specific properties, HTS becomes the enabling material for a number of new market segments with a potential to disrupt energy, transportation and medicine of tomorrow.


Our goals are technological leadership and sustainable business growth.

We rely on our productive cooperation with HTS wire users and equipment producers, multi-year scientific experience, permanent R&D effort, smart use of digital technologies and effective team work.

S-Innovations delivers its products to more than 20 countries worldwide.