27 September 2020
S-Innovations joined the Fusion Industry Association
(https://www.fusionindustryassociation.org/members/ ).
S-Innovations located in Moscow, Russia and SuperOx Japan located in Tokyo are one team who develop, manufacture and market superconductors. Our product is second generation high temperature superconductor wire (2G HTS wire).
2G HTS wire is an enabling material for the high magnetic field path to fusion. Until recently, there has been a severe “chicken and egg” problem between HTS wire manufacturers and HTS device developers. The market was too small because the wire price was too high, because the market was too small… It is the high field fusion that seems to have broken the ice (or hatched the egg if we are to use that analogy): fusion has created a sizeable demand for HTS wire, which now promises the economies of scale to come into play and ultimately make the wire affordable for fusion and the other HTS applications.
Our team has been active in the HTS for Fusion community for years. We have supplied HTS wire to several fusion projects around the world, including PSI, NIFS and ENEA. A 60 kA fusion cable prototype was made and successfully tested by PSI from our wire a few years ago.
Recently we have developed a new superconductor formulation that shows world record performance in high magnetic field and it is the best wire for fusion applications today. The performance is confirmed at a commercial product level, routinely manufactured in hundreds of kilometres. We are looking forward to presenting this achievement at the 2020 Applied Superconductivity Conference in autumn and the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference in May 2021.
•    During the last year, our team manufactured and delivered to customers, including those developing fusion, 80,000 kAm of wire, that is approaching a 500 km landmark.
•    For the last few years, we have increased our production capacity 4 times in response to the growing demand on HTS wire. We work in a close collaboration with equipment manufacturers and continuously improve the design of our production equipment. Thus, we are ready for the next scale-up at any moment, to serve the needs of existing HTS fusion projects.
•    For the large volumes projected, we forecast an essential price reduction on HTS wire.
We are about to bring HTS production to a ton-scale level facilitating the high field fusion breakthrough in an economically feasible way.