HTS wire

Since 2012, we produce 2G HTS wire with a leading performance

The layered structure of 2G HTS wire includes more than ten layers; the thinnest one is only 5 nanometers thick. The unique proprietary technology is based on physical and chemical deposition techniques. We improve our production and quality control methods, in particular, by making them much more digital.

We manufacture 2G HTS wires with various width, thickness and current. Silver, copper, solder, polyimide insulation, steel lamination are available as finishing layers. Please contact us to learn more and choose the 2G HTS wire, exactly customized for your particular task.

Representative set of data on temperature- and field- dependences for S-Innovations HTS-wire for high magnetic fields applications is available by the following link:

Wimbush, Stuart; Strickland, Nick; Pantoja, Andres (2021): Critical current characterisation of SuperOx YBCO 2G HTS superconducting wire. figshare. Dataset.